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Terms and Conditions

One Sand Dollar equals $25.00 in future travel credits

Sand Dollars can be earned in several different ways.

  • By referring family & friends that book travel through Dream Vacations using your Personal Promo Code=1 Sand Dollar.
  • Purchasing travel 1 Sand Dollar per $1,000.00 spent to be used toward your next vacation.
  • Participating in occasional promotional opportunities.
  • Birthday gifts, Christmas etc...

Sand Dollars earned after a booking is active will be credited towards future bookings, credits earned after booking a vacation cannot be applied to any vacation that is already booked, they must be active in your account before time of booking and you must tell your travel expert that you would like to apply your active credits to the vacation before any payment is made.

You may use 1 Sand Dollar per $1,000.00 purchased toward travel with Dream Vacations. The Sand Dollars may be used in conjunction with other certificates awarded by Dream Vacations LLC as long as the total Sand Dollars and or certificates remain within the $25.00 per $1,000.00 purchased limit and is a registered certificate with Dream Vacations in the user's name.

Sand Dollars are transferable and may be transferred to another person's account upon the person transferring the Sand Dollars approval, via electronic signature from the email address connected to the Sand Dollar account being transferred from. The person receiving the Sand Dollar gift will have to book their vacation through Dream Vacations.

Sand Dollars Rewards will be awarded toward purchased travel that has not had rewards, certificates, promotions are any other type of discounts applied.

Sand Dollars accumulated by the purchase of travel will be awarded to the credit card holder as long as that person has a rewards account set up and will show up in that persons account as pending after the vacation is paid in full and will be active approximately two weeks after the completion of that vacation.

From time to time Dream Vacations buy's travel and vacations using an in house promotion and resells it to the client at no gain to the company, in these very few and far between occasions rewards and or certificates will not be allowed for use.

Sand Dollar Rewards that are earned on the referral program will show in the referrers account as pending until approximately 2 weeks after the completion of the referred person's vacation and will be shown as available at that time and able to be used toward any redeemable item set forth by Dream Vacations. Sand Dollars will not be awarded if the person that used the promo code cancels or does not travel.

Unfortunately Sand Dollars can't be used for online bookings at this time. Feel free to search online and just call into one of our experts to book your vacations and they will apply your Sand Dollars for you.

Price match is for online travel agencies only and must be verified by agent at time of booking, client must book at that time in order to be guaranteed the price matched price.

Account passwords and information will not be available to Dream Vacations employees and will be the member's responsibility. Upon request a reactivation password can be sent to the active email address in the members account.

Dream Vacations will not be held responsible for any errors or misunderstandings on this or any other pages or descriptions about this program and reserves the right to change, and or cancel this program and these terms and conditions at any time without any notice or explanation.