by Dream Vacations on July 1, 2014

best vacation deals 2Part Three and the final installment of “Looking for the best deal on your next vacation.” If you missed Part One or Two, click here to take a look. If I were to say to you; “So I want the Presidential Suite for less than the Standard room, is that possible?” you first thought would be to say no, that doesn’t make any sense. How could I get the best room for a lower cost than the standard room? Well you can’t and neither can you get more nights on a vacation for less money than few nights…. unless….

If you stay for longer, you can get a better price: I hear this question more often than you would think and my initial reaction is the same as I think yours would be if I posed the same question to you as above right? Well this scenario can and does happen but only in about 1 in a 1000 times (remember the Odds and Averages?) So you call in and ask for a price on a 5 night vacation, then you ask “if I stay for 7 nights, will that be cheaper?” How could that possibly happen? Any guesses…. This can happen one of three most common ways.

First of all, if your 5 night flight price is much higher than the 7 night flight price, then adding 2 nights in a resort can make it seem as if your rate is lower for 7 nights. Such as the 5 night airfare was $700 per ticket but the 7 night airfare was only $400 per ticket and your room rate is $100 extra per night. You add two nights for $200 but you save $100 because your flight cost went down by $300.

best vacation dealsSecond, if there happens to be a promotion at a particular resort where they are offering “free nights” when booking 7 nights or more. I have seen a few cases where a hotel offered 2 free nights when booking 7 night stays so adding 2 nights was the same price as booking 5 nights. This is probably the least common occurrence and typically seems to happen more with NON-All Inclusive Resorts.

And Lastly, when we have charter packages with Apple Vacation and Funjet Vacations. These such companies really risk the fact that they are going to fill their planes when they offer these special charter flight packages. If they don’t fill the seat, they still have to pay the airline for it. So, maybe there is a big sale price on a 7 night charter flight because those are actually “packages” that is less expensive than your 5 night flight on a commercial airline such as American Airlines. This is more common than you might think because everyone wants a “package” but true packages only happen on these type of charter programs. If your booking a commercial flight with connections for example, you are truly buying a flight and then booking a hotel. They are combined as one purchase not discounted because of booking together.

by Emily Kupersmith on June 26, 2014

Need a girlfriend getaway? Nothing is better than a few restful days on the beach with your best girl friends and lately a lot of my clients are thinking the same thing.  It’s time to kiss your husband or boyfriend goodbye, hug the kids and pack your bags because an allinclusive beach vacation is just what the doctor ordered.  With all your meals and beverages-even alcohol- included in the package price, an All inclusive vacation is a surefire way to shake away the stress of everyday life and catch up with your dearest friends. Snorkeling, kayaking or just a lounge on the beach with a fruity Caribbean drink all part of a normal day at all all inclusive resort. And for those looking for peace and quiet with a chance to leave Mom duties behind for a few days try an Adults only all inclusive.

Girlfriend Getaway

For the budget conscious traveler, Mexico’s Cancun and Mayan Riviera offer all inclusive resorts that can fit any budget.  From high end luxury resorts with features like pool and beach wait staff to a more moderate budget friendly resort Mexico’s beaches boast some of the best all inclusive accommodations in the world. Try the Iberostar Grand Paraiso for a luxury adults only vacation or the Riu Cancun if you prefer the city life of Cancun.

Jamaica and Punta Cana are also great choices for a girlfriend getaway.  Stunning white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters provide only the backdrop for what is sure the be a vacation you and your friends will treasure forever. The Grand Palladium in Jamaica offers a fun upbeat atmosphere and in Punta Cana try the Gran Bahia Principe Ambar for a budget friendly adults only retreat.

No matter where you’re group decides to travel, one thing is for sure.  Your ladies only vacation will send you home tan, relaxed and leave you with memories for a lifetime!

by Dream Vacations on June 24, 2014

best vacation dealsWelcome to Part Two of how to find the best deal on your next vacation. If you missed Part One, you can click here to go back and take a look at what all we covered then. We get a lot of calls and requests for last minute deals for places like Cancun or Jamaica and believe me, they are out there but they aren’t always what they seem nor are they always exactly what you wanted in the first place 3 months ago when you started planning your vacation.

I mentioned in Part One that personally, I’m a man that plays the odds or averages. And that I have come to learn that that only consistent thing about prices in the business is that they are inconsistent. No one knows all the answers nor do we know what is going to happen tomorrow when it comes to prices on vacations. So today were are going to talk about the myth that is “Waiting until last minute to book your vacation will be the best deal.” This is the Part Two of a three part series so stay tuned for more answers in my next blog.

Waiting until last minute to book your vacation: Waiting until 30 days or less to book your vacation can save you money IF and ONLY IF you are wanting to travel in the off season time frame or if you really don’t care about the quality of your resort. Keep in mind the best resorts and the best flights and the best travel dates are the best because everyone wants them! Therefore, if you are traveling during peak seasons such as Spring Break, Summer or Holidays such as Easter or Christmas, booking early will almost be guaranteed to be less expensive if you book as early as 10 months in advance. For example, if you want to travel during Spring Break next year, I will suggest that you book your vacation no later than Christmas the year before. Last minute deals are normally for mid to lower level resorts that need rooms filled or for flights that are on mid-week flights that the airline could not fill.

best vacation deals 2I’m not saying you can’t wait and try to look for last minute deals because like I said, they do exist but keep in mind that in many cases a last minute deal is going to save you $50 a person or maybe $100 a person. The Odds are (remember I’m an odds guy) that the prices will go up as the planes fill, because that’s what they do on a regular basis. Airlines don’t have people who check their own prices and change them all day long, they computer programs that are written in such a way that the airline is going to make as much money as they can. Think of it this way, if you go to the casino, no matter the game you play the odds are that the house is going to win. Does someone walk out of there with a penny slot jack pot on a Wednesday at 9:47 am? Sure, it happens. But how many people walk out of that casino with less money than when they walked in? That’s the same with waiting until last minute to book your vacation, you are beating against the house and the house (airlines) normally win.

by Dream Vacations on June 19, 2014

What’s a Mexico Mancation you say? Golf, Fishing, ATV’s, Tequila, Beer and clubs! I bet I got the guys attention now. There is no better place for a group of guys to get together than the resort destinations in Mexico.  Cabo San Lucas, Cancun/Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta offer world class championship golf courses, deep sea fishing, ATV’s, Tequila tours, Zip lining, Hiking and some of the best evening entertainment in the world. Experience waking up to your ocean view and stepping right out onto the teebox.  After a morning tee time, spend your afternoon at the swim up bar followed by an evening in the world renowned night clubs of Cancun, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta. Cabo San Lucas is one of the worlds premiere deep sea fishing destinations. If you want to catch the real big one’s head to Cabo and in the evening head to Cabo Wabo for a few cool ones. For the more adventurous type you can  zip line, snorkel, dive, canopy tours, wave runners and more.

Most of our hotels in these destinations are all inclusive so all of your food and drink will be included.  That includes beer and mixed drinks!  No cooking, no cleaning and no hassles…just good times and great memories. So after you reel in your monster Marlin you can head back to the hotel for an evening of dining and entertainment, and it is all included.   Most of our all inclusive hotels will even cook your catch for you at one of the restaurants! We can help you save by booking you in the right hotel.  Why pay for jacuzzi’s and aromatherapy when your going on a Mancation.

Skip the Vegas trip and get the boys together for a Mancation in Mexico!

by Dream Vacations on June 17, 2014

vacation-flexible-1When looking for the best deal on your next vacation to Mexico or the Caribbean, you might think that being totally open to traveling on any day is an advantage. You may also think that by waiting until the last minute to book your vacation will guarantee better rates. Sometimes people think that if they stay for longer than originally desired that they may be able to get a better price. What do you think?

After working in this business for almost 10 years now I can tell you what I think. Personally, I’m a man that plays the odds or averages. I have come to learn that that only consistent thing about prices in the business is that they are inconsistent. No one knows all the answers nor do we know what is going to happen tomorrow when it comes to prices on vacations. So let’s talk about the odds of the above scenarios working in your favor to find the best deal on your next vacation. Today we will talk about how “Being totally open to traveling on any day is an advantage” may or may not be true. This will be a three part series so stay tuned for more answers in my next blog.

vacation-flexible-2Being totally open to traveling on any day is an advantage: True and False and here is why. It’s great to have some flexibility on your travel dates but don’t spend all your time trying to find that perfect date that magically has the lowest price, you will go crazy doing so and probably waste a lot of your time looking online. Start by picking out the resort you want to go to or at least know the destination you want to travel to. Being totally open to anywhere anytime does not give your travel agent much to go on. It sounds good, but in fact going “anywhere warm with a beach” is just a starting point, not a point where you need to focus on prices. After you have picked your favorite destination and possibly a resort or two, get the price on your desired/perfect travel date AND THEN start moving the dates to see if by chance there is a lower priced airfare on another date of departure. This will save you time and effort as well as make your call to us much better overall so that we can work as a team and then find the best possible price in the date range you can travel.

We are here to help you find the best price but also to offer you the best service in the industry. The way we see things here at Dream Vacations is that you and I are on the same team, we have the same goal. We ask that you trust us when you call and let us help you in an efficient way to find the best possible dream vacations we can both come up with together and we ask that you help us, help you. You can do that by first deciding where you want to go, the date that would be best to travel and then once those decisions are made, we can quickly and easily check alternate travel dates for better priced airfare.

by Dream Vacations on June 12, 2014

All-Inclusive Apple Vacations

What does it mean to “Go All-Inclusive”?

All-Inclusive means you can truly relax and indulge on your vacation, because it’s all included for one incredible price. Apple Vacations packs just about everything in our all-inclusive vacation packages — including transportation, your hotel stay, meals and drinks. Vacationers love the financial predictability of all-inclusive getaways, because our ‘one price buys all’ means you get to leave your wallet at home.




So, what’s included in an All-Inclusive Apple Vacation?

• Roundtrip airfare
• Your hotel stay
• Rountrip transportation to and from the airport and your hotel
• An Apple Vacations representative, in resort, to assist you
• Meals, snacks, soft and alcoholic beverages
• Non-motorized watersports at most resorts
• Daytme activities along with nightly entertainment
• All tips

What’s does going All-Inclusive mean to you?

• Relax and let your worries float away, because everything is already paid for.
• Enjoy what you want, when you want it, without the hassle of planning, budgeting or coming home to a stack of credit card bills.
• Indulge in a culinary experience, all the drinks you want, live entertainment and many resort & beach activities.

Are All-Inclusive resorts all the same?

No. Many resorts go above and beyond what you might expect, offering a wide range of specialty restaurants serving gourmet cuisine plus abundant international buffets, premium-brand alcoholic beverages, room service, supervised kids’ clubs and world-class spas. Even avid cruisers may want to re-think their vacation options when considering the cost differential between a cruise and a land-based all-inclusive vacation.