by Dream Vacations on May 24, 2012

Marival ResortA few summers ago I had the pleasure of staying for 4 nights at the Marival Resort in Puerto Vallarta.  This trip consisted of 7 travelers, myself, my wife, my Mother, my brother (13 at the time) and sister (17 at the time) as well as Grandpa and Grandma.  From the time we checked in, we knew we were in for laid back relaxing vacation!

For kids, the waves are always a little bigger on the West Coast side of Mexico so things such as surfing and boogie boards are really popular.  Me, my wife, my brother and sister all took some boogie boards out to try our luck but I was never lucky enough to get very far.  There is also a cool little water park with water slides for kids under 12.

The beach was nice, what you would expect from Puerto Vallarta.  The sand was not rocky, in fact my wife and I walked for a very long distance one night just to feel the salt water breeze.  I would say you could easily walk a mile each way down the beach.  What I love most about the ocean views in Puerto Vallarta is that you aren’t just looking out to an endless ocean horizon, in Puerto Vallarta you are looking across a great big bay and in the distance you can see the mountains and lights from other resorts.  They are just far enough away to see but yet way far enough away to not make out where they are.  Beautiful mountain and ocean views.

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