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Aimee ~ Milwaukee, WI

Pool: Beautiful pools with views of ocean! BIG problems w/ people saving multiple chairs for hours (sometimes entire days) @ a time. Had to get up @ 6am just to be able to have a chair, & FORGET about getting an umbrella unless you get up @ 5 & fight off 10 other people. Had to go w/ the 'can't beat 'em, join 'em' mentality if we wanted our favorite spot, & I felt terrible doing that! Staff were helpful, but they also left some people's stuff on chairs all day & removed ours after 30min ;/ We did NOT go to the swim-up bar pool b/c it always looked suspiciously murky, & that was disconcerting...
Beach: Gorgeous beach! We happened to be there w/ high winds & wild surf/currents, but lifeguards were great in front of the resort. Water was blue & warm & magical ;) Some would complain about seaweed, but we didn't care because it's an o-c-e-a-n, not a pool. The beach is truly increidble.
Food/Drink: The restaurants were good, but they could have used 1 more that was authentic Mexican/Latin. The night buffet was described as Mexican, but it was a buffet so there were no suggestions or explanations of foods. We are fine w/ buffet @ breakfast, but prefer seated service @ dinner (we like to dress for dinner & have a more formal experience, most nights). MB was fantastic- apps were terrific. Italian rest was disorganized, poorli managed & food was unremarkable. Their staff was great, but it took 3 times to get a tbl b/c the front mgmt/hosts were terribly inept (esp compared to slick & ultra-professional MB!) Azure was mediocre @ lunch but terrific @ dinner! Again, service was lovely & apps were stellar. Hidden Garden was pretty & the "Asian-influenced" foods were good (we didn't expect authenticity- some dishes were nice/close & some were wildly "off", re: basic Asian preparations) Service was very nice, but we were asked to wait @ bar & then forgotten about. Fish taco bar, down by the beach was charming & fun & I LOVED the fresh ceviches & darling service!! Only problem was on really windy days b/c some 'dishes' were served in plastic glasses & drinks were in plastice glasses, so had to hold on & eat @ the same time. Totally understand the use of plastic (!!!), but everything blew away w/ high winds. Staff were great & tried so hard to work in windy conditions ;)) BIG PROBLEM- ate fish tacos on the wkd, then ate on Monday & Mark got VERY sick the 2nd time (not food-bourne illness or bacterial, but painful & miserable) The fish in the tacos was very "off", & he shouldn't have eaten it ;/ (we didn't complain, so that's our bad not giving feedback) He was better, the next day...we didn't go back, tho'! (I ate their ceviches w/ abandon & never felt sick) Morning buffet was fine/good. Bacon was on a 'per request' basis ;) Fresh fruit & salads were perfection! Didn't go to the $ steak/lobster place, but we were offered a 'special dinner' @ MB (yes, we loved MB!) & it was 2 gorgeous lobster tails w/ perfect filets for no extra $ (we were impressed that they knew it was our last night & offered that w/o a surcharge) I apologize for long comment, but Food & Beverage is my life & career, so I have written a fraction of what I could. Certainly, more positive than negative. We didn't do the poolside buffets but saw ppl devouring them daily. The poolside hamburger one day was great (by the way ;) Oh - the daily chef parade by the pool was sweet, & it was nice to be able to cheer for the people that work hard w/o the face-to-face recognition. Drinks were never the same twice. NOT that big of a deal, but you never knew what you'd get, if you were looking for a specific cocktail. Again, no big deal, but a resort-wide food & drink "standard" is always appreciated.
Entertainment: Bars were nice, outdoor bar by Azur (Azul?) was pretty. We don't smoke, so sitting downwind of groups of smokers is always a bummer on a lovely tropical evening, but most areas are non-smoking, & I appreciate that!! The bar down by the beach (with swings!) is fun & very cute. The inside nighttime "disco" was pretty & terrific for people-watching & general entertainment ;) I don't think they had shows, & that's fine w/ us b/c we're not into the live cruiseship shows anyway.
Accommodations: The photos online are of the suites. We did not request a suite, so our room was a decent downgrade from what we expected from the pictures. The room was fine, but underwhelming. The balcony was truly disgusting ;( Rusty, tiny w/ old, gross patio furniture. I was concerned, standing too close to the railing b/c of the rust & general lack of maintenace. The partial ocean view was nice, but we had NO interest in being on the balcony b/c it was tiny & unappealing (again, we didn't complain b/c there was nothing inherently 'wrong' w/ the room, just a bit disappointing) That said, we knew we wouldn't be spending time in the room, besisdes sleeping. It's nice to be in a more elegant space to take a 'siesta', however. The hotel was fine (staff were ALWAYS cleaning & keeping the facilities up & always w/ a gracious smile & greeting) The one bathroom by the murky swim-up bar was always disqusting! I can only complain about the women's room, but there was only one toilet working at any time. The floors were always filthy (of course, it was by the pool, so it was wet, but you never knew what quite was on the floor). The 2nd stall's toilet was unspeakably gross everytime I tried it & the handicap stall's toilet never flushed &/or flooded... trust me, it was as bad as you could imagine. I did let staff ppl know if there was a bad toilet or no TP or..., & they would put a hazard cone in front of it, but it was never fixed. (Didn't complain to front) Mark said that the men's bathroom had the same issues. Other bathrooms were kept-up, but the female clientele certainly did NOT help w/ keeping the poolside bathrooms pristine. I feel very sorry for the staff!!!
Service: The staff is super friendly, & I don't know how they can smile & put up w/ the amount of guest crap they have to put-up with! Poolside staffmembers were always delightful, resto staff was charming & everyone was trying to hard to maintain a very high-level of service. We always tip well, so we hope that the staff (bartenders, waiters, housekeepers) know that we appreciate how hard they work & terrific they are! The only issues we had were w/ miscommunication w/ housekeeping (re: towel-replenishing, minibar replenishmt, personal item movemnt (of course, no theft, just that personal items were left in odd places) The only time that we almost complained was @ the Italian restaurant. They turned us away b/c the "kitchen [was] closing in a half-hr" (& there was no wait), then we were left in a waiting line & refused service b/c we didn't have our name on the list (which was never visible & there wasn't a host to direct us). We felt pretty frustrated about this place b/c everyone else was soooo wonderful. I don't think they were rude at all, they were overwhelmed, understaffed & had no leadership (Yes, we should have said something, & I'll give feedback directly to them now (via email or through their site w/o having it plastered on Tripadvisor or yelp)
Overall: I give it a 3+. Having gone to Secrets Silversands for my first all-inclusive, first Cancun/Riviera Maya experience, my "bar" was set incredibly high, & Live Aqua/Cancun did not live up to that expectation. Live Aqua feels like the "Spring Break" version of Riviera Maya & I didn't realize the vast difference. I definitely like a smaller, more intimate environment w/o a mall across the street, & now I have a better understanding of what I like & don't like. I liked the clientele @ Silversands bc they were boring, like me ;)) It was great to be able to watch the Badgers wine NCAA basketball @ Hooters (good timing for Mark!!! ;))), but I will definitely lean towards a more secluded resort in the future, even if it's a few more dollars ;)

Deidre ~ Bethesda, MD

Pool: Wonderful Pool!

Jason ~ Reedsville, WI

Service: had to call front office the first 2 days to get our room cleaned, talked with manager the 2nd day & they resolved the issue

Kathy ~ Pasadena, TX

Food/Drink: Excellent Food the BEST we have ever had in Mexico
Entertainment: Need some light music at night after you eat dinner there isn't much left to do.
Service: Great Service everywhere
Overall: Will most likely go back..

Alberto j ~ San Clemente, CA

Pool: too crowded
Beach: Nice
Food/Drink: Food have gone down since 2011
Entertainment: Non existent
Accommodations: Fair
Service: Fair
Overall: So, so
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