Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Resort

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Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Resort - Mazatlan


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Susan (Mountain Ranch, CA)

Pool: The pools were spotless and beautiful
Beach: One of the best in all of Mexico, Perfect for kids and Grand parents too.
Food/Drink: The food is wounderful and presented very well
Entertainment: The activities durning the day are fun, but nothing at night
Accommodations: It is a older resort, but beautiful and very well taken care of. I belive they are planning a spruce up for next year. It dose'nt need much.
Service: Second to none. Everyone we had contact with was very friendly and helpful.I can't say enough wounderful things about the entire staff.
Overall: Very relaxing vacation,Beautiful resort, The coctails are great, but it's not a whoop it up party place. Great service.
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